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Engagement session in a beautiful Mustion Linna (Mustio Manor)

When the session began, I asked them how they were feeling. They felt nervous. However, I quickly made them feel comfortable with good music and a friendly personality. This helped to release tension and make them more relaxed.

As time passed, I captured their love and connection with my camera. Their affection for each other was expressed through gentle touches, loving gazes, and embraces. I took photos from different angles, emphasizing the beauty of their bond.

It was truly a lovely experience to witness their intimacy. The photos I took helped to convey the nature of their connection and preserve the memory forever. When they left, they were happy - grateful for the beautiful memories that will last a lifetime.

Mustion Linna is one of my favorite places to capture love and connection, to create memories that will last a long time. Photos are like stars in the sky that last forever. 10 or 40 years later, you can look back on this day and relive it.


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