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Best decision is when you think what is the priority. Is it to have more time with your quests or is it to have more relaxed time when it's time to take you wedding portraits. So when is the best time? I have 4 tips to share to put your mind in ease and choose the best one for you. Taking wedding portraits is an essential part of capturing the special moments that couples cherish for a lifetime. While wedding photographers often have their own preferred methods, I have 4 tips to share with you to put your mind in ease and choose the best one for you.


Many couples choose to have their wedding portraits taken before the actual ceremony. This allows you to have a private moment together before the day gets busy, and ensures that you look your best before any potential mishaps like getting your dress dirty. Additionally, pre-wedding portraits can provide a more relaxed and intimate atmosphere, as you can freely express your emotions and excitement without any distractions.

sunset wedding photography


Some couples prefer to take their wedding portraits immediately before the ceremony like as first look. This is often done when the couple wants to maintain the tradition of not seeing each other until they walk down the aisle. These portraits can capture the nervousness and the emotions before the big moment, as well as the gathering energy from friends and family who are present for the pre-ceremony preparations.

First look


The time immediately after the ceremony when you want to take quickly your portraits. This time is also when all your quests can go to the next location without rushing. During sunset offers beautiful lighting conditions for wedding portraits. These images often showcase the joy and relief of the newlyweds, highlighting their happiness while they bask in the glow of their love. Whether it's capturing moments of the couple alone or incorporating family and friends, these portraits serve as a beautiful tribute to the joyous occasion.

winter wedding portraits

after the ceremony portraits

sunset wedding portraits

after ceremony wedding portrait

Family and friends intimate wedding portrait


One of the rarest and now one of my favourites is post-wedding photoshoot on a different day altogether, allowing you to explore unique locations, yourselves, or styles that may not have been possible on the wedding day itself. This approach provides flexibility and creative freedom, as well as an opportunity for you to celebrate your love in a more relaxed setting without the time constraints and pressures of the wedding day.

Regardless of the chosen timing, the key to unforgettable wedding portraits lies in communicating openly with your photographer to ensure they understand your vision and capture the essence of your love story. These portraits will remain a cherished reminder of one of the most significant moments in your lives. And the best thing is that you can wear your wedding dress and your suit more than once! YAY!

After the wedding day portrait

After the wedding portrait of him

newlyweds after the wedding day portraits

To capturing the emotions, I also understand the importance of personalisation. I will take the time to get to know your story, shared memories that make your relationship so special. My aim is to create a story that is uniquely yours, a story that only the two of you can fully appreciate and tell to your kids and grandkids.

mothers shoes on wedding day

This is one of my favorite pictures ever! Mirjam put on her mother's shoes and I can imagine what kind of feelings she must have when she looks at these pictures after 30 years. I imagine what her mother must be feeling, I imagine her expressions.

Storytelling wedding portraits

We also played basketball (with a different ball :D) and it was so fun to watch how much fun they had! Mirjam was also wearing her mother's dress 🥹

Let me create a masterpiece for you that speaks volumes of your love story - a testament to the unbreakable bond that you share.

wedding portrait while raining

wedding portrait in rain


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