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Let's make your wedding day memorable!

From debating seating arrangements to sampling a million cake flavours, wedding planning get chaotic.. But guess what? None of that matters. Trust me. Why? As long as you're happy, no one's gonna care. Plus, as your ride-or-die photographer/bestie, I'll be here to support you throughout your entire journey.

'' Is it possible to meet each other before the big day? '' YES! I love having coffee/tea and meet up dates OR FaceTime dates.

'' What's happening on our wedding day? '' Make the rules or break the rules, just remember this: YOUR DAY, YOUR WAY. Who cares what Aunt Karen thinks, ammiright? As your new bestie having all the deets with me what we talked about on our meeting session or over an e-mail, I am there for you, offering you some cake or veggies and water so you don't forget to eat and stay hydrated, I might cry a little, but most importantly, I capture your day that later, in years, you can still remember as it was like yesterday. '' How long it will take for you to deliver us our wedding photos? '' The day after the wedding I usually get a "Wedding hangover" as we photographers usually call it that way🤪. I usually leave one day for myself to recover and rest, and then the second day I'll start to download your photos to my computer, edit and ofc I'll send you some sneaky peekies! The whole wedding gallery will be delivered as a beautiful web gallery 2-8 weeks after your wedding day. In some packages also includes wedding album and a memory stick. Why memory stick? It's good to have backup digital photos. And I know, i know... you're probably thinking ``why do I need an album, isn't everything digital now anyway?'' Yes, you're right. But I PROMISE you, nothing beats the feeling of being able to hold a tangible collection of your '' F*ck yeah, we did it, baby!'' memories in your hands. " Are travel expenses included with the prices? " I have put together a price list that are without travel expenses.

Destination Weddings


My first 2 far destination weddings I will do it for free. Only thing that you have to pay for is my plane tickets from Finland to your destination and back, and accommodation.

If you're planning your wedding in those cities or countries, I would love to come with you!

Iceland New York city Utah The Grand Circle (the best time to wed in the region falls in the spring and fall seasons. You will enjoy the beauty of the region without worrying about stifling conditions.) Paris Maldives

Italy Bali Hawaii The Bahamas Norway New Zealand Australia


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