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You don't have experience in front of the camera?

You're probably here because you want to hire a photographer but you have no experience being in front of the camera. Trust me, you don't have to, I'ts okay. Here you can read a little story about how I got these beautiful shots of Siret and some tips to think about.

portrait photoshoot

Siret contacted me to have a photo shoot just for her. It was a birthday gift for herself. What a nice idea 😍

Happy Birthday you beautiful soul!!!!

When we first saw each other, we clicked right away! I am a little shy person but I don't really show. Many of you, who know's me well know that sometimes I can be very shy. Siret was so full of energy and ready 🤩 We started at the park that is located in Eira, Helsinki. What a BEAUTIFUL place. Firstly we took some warm up photos like I always do when my client is nervous. ( Don't worry, I'm also. ) I placed her on the bench because that way she can let go of her tension in her body. If I feel nervous, I usually sit and it has helped me. If you have any other ways how to get rid off your tension, let me know in the comments.

After the warm up she got more less tense and we moved to the next spot. There was this interesting tree ( I love interesting trees haha ) and I told her to think of something deep and close your eyes ( so she could connect with herself ).

With some little trying and capturing her I noticed she was still a little tense ( which is normal! ). We did some exercises to get more relaxed. Yes, I did it with her, I told her we can also do some little yoga or meditation if that helps her but she was already like a butterfly. And we moved on to the beach.

Just look at her, what a beautiful butterfly she is 😍

At the beach we climbed on the big rocks and listened to the waves, feeling the sun on our skin while the wind played with our hair. The weather changed quickly like a woman who makes up her mind all the time ( guilty here! Raise your hand if you're the same )

It started to RAIN!!!!! It was raining like a cow peeing on a flat rock. I asked her are you afraid of the rain? And she said no. So we continued on the sand for a little bit. We were soaked but it was so fun! It really was nice to hear about how great this experience was and I loved it too.


Fun story:

When we headed back to our cars, one guy (let's call her Mark ) asked do we want to go for a swim and we answered " we just did 🤣 " and later Mark came back to us and asked " Mother and daughter? " and Siret said ofc. He looked at me and politely asked that can he take my mother on a date. My mind was on a loading mode. I just said no and we told him that mum is taken. I love how every photo shoot can be full of surprises and new adventures.

-> '' Gerda love,

you made a summary that I'm crying over here. Thank you sweetheart <3

- Everything is going to be okay and your photos will come out great! - If you click with the photographer then you're good to go. Get to know the photographer first. Trust is the key! - Take more time for the photo session. It will be worth it. Having a 15min session you will not connect with yourself and with your photographer. Of course every person is different and you know how fast you can relax your mind and your body. Photography is a luxury and these photos will stay forever so I really encourage you to book more time than 15min.

I hope this blog post can help you to ease your mind even just a little bit. I'm here for you always and I can't wait to make new memories with you. - Gerda x


Zain Kruyer
Zain Kruyer

Great information! And the results from the shoot are amazing. There’s nothing like shooting in the rain!


Thank you☺️

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