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Documenting weddings



You might have heard a lot of keywords floating around when it comes to documenting weddings - documentary, editorial, moody, light and airy etc.  

If you ask what my style is, I would say that I haven't named it because of my storytelling which is considered candid. I do a mix of posed and natural photos. I don't follow any rules but I will make sure that the images I deliver will be close to your heart.

I love documenting human connection, emotions and beauty in light and composition. 

Usually I have all hands on me, no rules followed for wedding photography.. until it comes to family + couple portraits.



During the day, I quietly approach and catch pictures of your day as it is, what it feels like.

Based on your pretences I can be all hands in, giving you guidance or all hands out, allowing the day unfold naturally or mix of both. We will discuss this over our meeting through call or face to face.

This process mostly comes between you and me - working together to create beautiful images that will tell the story of your day. 

While looking at my photos you see mostly black and white photos ( I have a huge love for them ), I deliver both colour and black and white (usually about 30%-50% ). The feel of the photos will directly relate to the energy of the day, if your day is full of laughter and silliness – it will shine through in the images, just like if the day is quiet, intimate, and gentle – the photos will show this vibe.


You value the relationships in you lives and the people at your wedding. My inspiration on a wedding day comes from the beautiful love between you and your guests as well as your partnership.

You value photography - It's important that I am not just hired because you need a wedding photographer, but because you want one, more specifically you want the story of the day and the meaningful relationships in your life captured, from my perspective. I am going to come into your wedding day with my own background, emotions, and connections to people in my own life, These have all shaped me and given me a particular lens to watch your day through. I will watch and document your day as it unfolds. I will take your images home, and create a story for you, a retelling of your day, The images you receive will provide an emotional narrative of how I perceived and felt your day, and 30, 20 maybe even 10 years from now, this narrative will be the memory of your day. You are not just hiring a person to take photos, you are hiring someone to create your memory of one of the most important days of your life.



Proof of love, proof of life & joy...

Photographs not only validate our existence to the outside world but also serve as cherished reminders for ourselves and our loved ones.

Through photographs, we can capture and preserve significant moments, emotions, and relationships. They become tangible representations of our existence, allowing us to revisit and reminisce on past experiences, building a personal narrative of our lives.

 I think about future generations digging through hard drives and albums and discovering these images. I think about the stories that people will weave together based on the clues we leave behind.

How much we loved, Who we loved, what mattered to us, what kind of life we lived.

What an honour it is to provide proof of love, proof of joy, proof of your existence to a future generation.​


The most wonderful and skilled photographer in the world! I can recommend with all my heart, Gerda's dedication and creativity in her work is indescribable. You made our wedding memorable! With Gerda, it's also easy to be in front of the camera, because she knows how to read situations and moods. You knew how to take our wishes into account and you also livened up the wedding atmosphere. You are also easy to communicate with and get along with, absolutely wonderful service all in all. Thank you for being part of our day! <3

Jasmine & Arttu


   YOUR STORY WILL BE  unique for you        TELLING OF THE  love IN YOUR LIFE.

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